Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome to Swarthmore Classic Radio

This site maintains links to a small number of radio show archives of WSRN Swarthmore in Pennsylvania. The emphasis here is on original content produced at Swarthmore College, though I've also included a Novelty Connection archive since I happen to have some of those shows available.

Current maintained archives:
- The Banana Desperados
- Off The Cuff
- The Novelty Connection
- Carts and promos

If you have audio archives of a radio show that aired on WSRN Swarthmore in the 20th century that featured original (student-written) content, and you'd like to have your audio files linked from this site, please contact the site owner / editor.

The files archived here are hosted at MediaFire, which unfortunately pastes a lot of ads within its download pages, so just ignore the ads and get the MP3's.

The shows archived here are provided for historical and educational purposes. This site is not affiliated with or maintained by Swarthmore College.