Saturday, June 20, 2009

Off the Cuff

Off the Cuff was a 30-minute comedy sketch series written and produced by Swarthmore college students from 1988-1999. The initial or "first series" run of the show was 6 episodes broadcast in fall 1988. The "second series" began in spring 1989. Only a few episodes of the latter are presently available. The shows have no story arc, so you can listen to them in any order.

The current archives come from cassette tapes of the on-the-air broadcasts. Sound levels in the transfer from cassette to MP3 weren't perfect, so some audio distortion is present, however the shows were never designed to be a high-fidelity audio experience to begin with (heh).

Fall 1988, "first series":
- Off the Cuff episode 1
- Off the Cuff episode 2
- Off the Cuff episode 3
- Off the Cuff episode 4
- Off the Cuff episode 5
- Off the Cuff episode 6 part 1
- Off the Cuff episode 6 part 2

Spring 1989, "second series":
- February 12, 1989 show - "mostly sex"
- February 26, 1989 show
- March 26, 1989 show - "mostly death"
- April 23, 1989 show

Spring 1990 and uncategorized:
- "Best of off the cuff", spring 1990
- "Truly tasteless show", unknown date